22nd April 2014 19:15
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Good bye my almost lover……

22nd April 2014 19:14
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Can i take this home with me…….

22nd April 2014 14:02
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At the Pie Hole

19th April 2014 10:15
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I know the barista meant 2shots in an americano but haha

15th April 2014 20:57
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i was curious as to whether or not you'd ever sell your korean doujins again, or if you'd sell them outside of korea?

they are no longer for sale


15th April 2014 18:12
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Sorry for the lack of updates lately TT I’m still alive! sort of. 

I don’t have anything to upload so here’s the first 4 pages of one of the AkaMido doujins I drew about a year ago ahahaaaa 

10th April 2014 15:06
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is there any way we can still order the haikyuu!! bags?

I have 5 bags left in my hands and I added them back to the store just now. after that they’re gone 

4th April 2014 10:54
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is it alright to use your art as a sidebar for my blog (im looking at the one that you made of libra). I would give you credit for it and everything

Please ask me off of anon so I know which blog it will be posted on ~

27th March 2014 16:46
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reblog if you want anons to tell you who they ship you with and why
27th March 2014 16:39
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hi! sooooooo this might be a weird question so sorry if it is and feel free to just ignore this question! i found you on the korean side of twitter the other day, and I really wanna join tumblr but have no clue how to start? like meet ppl and things? do you know if theres anything like 트친소 for english dominant tumblr users?

I don’t think the english fandoms really have a concept like  트친소 ㅠㅠ    its more of just initiating conversations to make friends rather than having kind of friend lists or things.  It can be more difficult that way, but a lot more freeing?   

Also, I dont think tumblr is a very conducive platform for 트친소 since things like that are meant to be in a short burst rather than a longterm thing, and tumblr posts once reblogged, can’t really be taken down in one go after people reblog it ahaha.  Tumblr is more meant to be a blogging platform rather than a conversation/real time platform like twitter? 
I think if you wanted a more permanent way, maybe you can have an intro post about yourself and have people reblog that!  it just won’t necessarily have the hashtag concept like 트친소 : ) 

i think how tumblr meets friends is just thru the fandoms tags?  like in Krbs you monitor the kuroko no basuke tags and find ppl you want and start conversations and stuff : )

Sorry I’m actually not the best at making online friends TT I do find twitter generally a lot easier to converse with people though.