24th August 2014 3:04
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what tea and me respectively look like working on our gay ass books on a beautiful weekend 3am at night 

hot singlz burning it up on saturday night sittin at home drawin bl books

2nd August 2014 1:28
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My half of the partner pair chibis I drew for the MULTIPLY artbook preorder sticker sheet. 

The last batch of preorder books are starting to arrive to people who bought them and I’m so happy & grateful that people are enjoying them.  It was definitely a crazy project of love with even a crazier deadline and I’m so thankful for Bing for sticking it out with me.  I was severely lacking in sleep (and have been photoshop for way too long) when I wrote up the thanks to section but I really want to thank Bing, all the guest artists, our friends for listening to both of us cry and scream during it all and everyone who gave us words of encouragements, and supported the books! 

"Multiply" Haikyuu Partners Illust Book update


Hello! I’ve been updating my HQ twitter (@bing_HQ) for the past few weeks on the status of the preorders but keep forgetting to do a post on tumblr.

All preorders without keychains have been shipped out last Monday, so people should be receiving them about now! All preorders WITH KEYCHAINS will be shipped out end of this week and early next week since I just got the keychains shipped to me on Monday. :D

I think we will have a FEW books leftover (less than 10) after all the preorders are shipped off and we’ve double checked our numbers. As soon as I know how many books are available, I’ll put it up for sale on my storenvy until it runs out. There will also be a few kagehina birds metal keychain on storenvy too until they run out! :D

Thanks for all your support and the overwhelming number of preorders!!! <3

16th July 2014 16:34
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Just an update on the MULTIPLY artbooks

"Multiply" Haikyuu Partners Illust Book preorders with stickers only (not the ones with keychain) have all been shipped!

Preorders WITH the Kagehina metal keychain are slightly delayed, we’re still waiting on the keychains due to manufacturing delay

For now, we’re completely sold out of the books and currently have no plans of reprinting. 

Thank you so much for your support and thank you for being patient! 

16th July 2014 16:28
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i got my copy of multiply today and it is so gorgeous. i didn't really know what to expect, since i bought it on impulse, but all the art is beautiful and printed really well, and the binding is so high quality. i'm super happy with it, and you two did an awesome job. thank you!!

Hi thank you for sending me this message

The book was definitely a project of love for me and Bing and I’m so so so happy and grateful to hear that you enjoyed the book. Thank you so much for supporting us!  

15th July 2014 18:54
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Preview of my guest piece for the T2 Artbook  !

I got invited to be a guest artist for the T2 fanbook my friends were making!  

You can grab a copy of the T2 book here!

14th July 2014 15:27
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Preview of the piece I drew for the Magi Fashion Illust Book

I drew Morgiana : ) 

you can grab a copy here!

9th July 2014 16:53
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Do you have any multiply book left over from AnimeExpo? I missed the pre-order date by accident~TT

I think we’re completely sold out  sorry TT   

1st July 2014 18:45
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Less than 6 hours left to preorder MULTIPLY to get your free preorder sticker sheet (preorders close at midnight PST)


29th June 2014 16:47
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you're drawing for gauntlet right? if so, the art looks super good and i kind of want to buy it, but it looks hetero. i hope i dont come off as rude because im not comfortable with hetero. is there going to be any gay pairings? and how many? i wouldn't want to buy it if all im going to get is a reverse harem type of deal.


as much as romance is a big part of Gauntlet, I think the major focus, for me as a reader at least, has been the growth of Clio throughout her adventures in the series.   

I don’t particularly feel comfortable dissecting the story as simply a tally of pairings, and I think it kind of ruins the surprise as a reader too. 

Thankfully, all of Gauntlet is free to read for 2 more days (until the end of June) if you want to check it out for yourself